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Name: Jenifer

Location: Denver, CO

Why do you like The Swear?: They have a great eclectic rock sound that strongly appeals to me. I love a LOT of different types of music/bands, so when a band can completely rock out, yet still be true to themselves without shying away from their influences, I'm going to love it!

How did you hear about them?: Pandora

Other bands you like: I like so many bands... from Johnny Cash to The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, My Chemical Romance to Atmosphere, Distillers to Sisters of Mercy, and so on...

Anything else?: Um... I just ordered the cd, can't wait to get it, and I'm pretty stoked about finding this band... (obviously)

Hello, hello

It's Elizabeth from the band. I'm new to this LiveJournal thing, but it's awesome so far! I'll be checking in here occasionally to answer questions about songs, lyrics, tour dates, all the guys in the band (hahhaha, ask away!)....a huge thank you to Mallory for setting this up. It looks kickass!!
angels fall first


Welcome to the first livejournal community to The Swear.

I really want this place (and the street team) to be active. So feel free to post about anything & everything relating to The Swear - news, upcoming shows, song discussions, etc. Elizabeth has created an account and will be posting here as well.

Make sure you join and keep up to date with everything!


P.S. When you join, please fill this out so we can all get to know each other:

Why do you like The Swear?:
How did you hear about them?:
Other bands you like:
Anything else?:
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